Case Studies

Navigating Neighboring Rights? We’ve got you covered!

The world of Neighboring Rights is complex and ever-changing. For over 15 years, we’ve bridged the gap between societies and artist representation, offering a comprehensive solution. Our unique experience working within both worlds allow us to tackle challenges like misallocated royalties, conflicts and international royalty collection.

Real Results:

See how we’ve helped clients receive the full compensation they deserve. Explore our case studies and discover the best practices we leverage to ensure your success.

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Imagine two bands, let’s call them Group A and Group B (a bit dull, right?!). Both stormed the scene at the same time, with the same catchy name. Talk about confusion! This case became a neighboring rights nightmare.

The Rights Robbery:

Group A played a fast one, claiming neighboring rights for ALL recordings under the shared name. That meant Group B’s royalties were mysteriously silent, even for their chart-topping hits. Something didn’t add up!

Data Detectives on the Case:

When we took on Group B’s neighboring rights, a red flag went up. Royalty payments didn’t reflect reality. Songs barely played on the radio were getting paid, while their biggest hits were strangely quiet. It was like someone was stealing their thunder (and royalties!).

Unmasking the Culprit:

We dug deeper, and our suspicions were confirmed. Group A were unknowingly (or maybe knowingly?) collecting royalties for some of Group B’s smash songs. This was a major rights robbery!

Justice Served:

We weren’t about to let this stand. We launched an investigation and secured a retroactive refund for Group B. They finally received the rightful payments for their music.

Lessons Learned, Loud and Clear:

This case is a cautionary tale for all musicians. It shows why proactively managing neighboring rights is crucial. We also became data detectives, using royalty reports to sniff out the discrepancy and fight for Group B’s fair share. This is a reminder that artists (and their champions!) need to be vigilant about monitoring payments and taking action when things go wrong.

Imagine the scene: our client, a musician brimming with excitement, just released their sophomore album and snagged a sweet deal with a major label. They even went the extra mile, creating localized versions for specific markets. But here’s the twist – when the royalty statements arrived, a glaring discrepancy emerged! Royalties for a territory with a localized version? Zilch.

Intrigued, we donned our detective hats and contacted the local collection society. Turns out, the culprit was a classic case of “lost in translation.” The album title, originally in Roman characters, got a makeover for specific markets, switching to non-Roman characters. Here’s the hitch: our client’s declaration only listed the Roman character title. Boom – royalties for the translated version went missing in action.

Thankfully, the local collection society was a champion for fairness. They recognized the oversight and potential lost revenue. We joined forces, and through their collaboration, secured a retroactive adjustment. Our client got the rightful compensation for the translated version’s sales – justice served!

Lessons Learned in a Global Groove:

This case is a crash course in the importance of:

  • Knowing Your Client’s Music Inside Out: Every version, every language matters. We gotta be experts on our clients’ work.
  • Global Distribution Savvy: Keeping a watchful eye on an artist’s music distribution worldwide is key. Every territory needs its royalty royalty due.
  • Metadata Meticulousness: Accurate and detailed metadata, including characters beyond the Latin alphabet, is crucial for proper tracking.
  • Royalty Statement Scrutiny: Treat these statements like a hawk eyes a juicy worm. Regular reviews catch discrepancies before they become financial heartbreaks.
  • Championing Fair Pay: We’re artists’ advocates. We fight for accurate and complete royalty payments, every single time.

Our client, a musical powerhouse, felt a nagging suspicion – their royalties just weren’t stacking up. Compared to their fellow musicians, something felt off. They hired us, their musical detectives, to crack the case.

The Investigation Heats Up:

We dove in, and what we found was a royalty nightmare. A huge chunk of their repertoire, including their biggest hits, wasn’t even registered with the collection societies! This meant they were basically playing for free on those songs. To make matters worse, some of their work was credited to them as a backup player, not the lead artist. Kicked while they’re down!

Justice Served (and Royalties Paid):

We weren’t about to let this stand. We registered the missing repertoire and straightened out those pesky credits. The result? A sweet, sweet surge in our client’s royalty payouts – starting with the very next distribution!

Lessons Learned, Loud and Clear:

This case is a wake-up call for all musicians:

  • Register Your Music! Every single song, especially your hits, needs to be registered with the right societies to collect those royalties.
  • Credit Check! Make sure you get the credit you deserve. Review those credits and fight for what’s rightfully yours.
  • Become a Royalty Statement Sherlock: Scrutinize your statements. Any discrepancies could mean missing money.
  • Don’t Go Rogue, Get Help: When royalties seem fishy, call in the pros. We’ll help you navigate the system and get what you’re owed.

By being proactive and seeking guidance, artists can become masters of their financial destiny. No more royalty rip-offs – just the sweet sounds of success!